Monday, July 16, 2012

Take this Test: How good IS your colour vision?

Well - here's a fun little time waster. How good IS your color vision?  Can you see the differences?

When it says 1 in 12 men have some sort of colour vision deficiency, do you snort and think, "Ha - ALL of them!" (Get your dude to take the test - perhaps it will explain some of those arguments.)

I wonder if beaders have better than usual ability to distinguish colours? Does that come from practice? Or do you bead because you  are drawn to colour?

PS - my score was 8. What's yours?


Carol Tannahill said...

Wow! That was harder than it looked! I only got a 12 and thought I did pretty well!

ForeverInTransition said...

I scored an 8 as well.

Not bad, but then again, I'm a self professed color nerd.

Mona Harrison said...

Wow! I got a perfect score! I guess that confirms why they call me "the colour lady". But does it explain why I prefer to work with metal clay?