Friday, July 13, 2012

Bright Bold Colour

I'm trying to branch out from my usual colour palette of blues, greys, blacks, and other neutrals. Trust me, this is much harder to break yourself from than you might think. I've been working with, and surrounded by those colours for so long.

I'm currently setting up a new craft studio area in our under utilized family room.  Now, some of you may be about to become envious of the fact that we have an unused family room - don't. The only reason we don't use it is that it is far too small to actually be used as a family room. The living/dining room is used as a family room. When my husband was working from home, we used the room as his office - now that he's working out of the house, I'm taking it over.

Anyone who has known me for a while may be groaning about hearing that I am planning yet another craft area (that you may think I'll never finish) - I say hush you. ;-p  I do believe this area will finally get far more use. I can craft with the kids, or even work on jewelry projects while they're doing their homework or reading. My main craft area is in the unfinished basement - by the time I get them to bed, I'm too tired to head down there. As such, I don't manage to get a heck of a lot done. ;-)

Below is the room with a craft table moved in, and a few of my jewelry/craft books that are currently scattered all over the house. The kids are at camp next week, and I'm looking forward to getting everything organized and decorated!

The walls of this room are bright blazing white. I'd be tempted to paint it, but the ceiling is open to the 2nd floor - and there is no way I'm standing on a ladder that tall. The plan is to fill it with bold, bright colours that I love - but haven't been entirely comfortable with using.

I love this combination of aqua and deep blood red.

Or how about this? The kids would love this!

Do you find you're more creative if you surround yourself with colour? Or do you prefer a more relaxed neutral environment?

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