Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grab Your Sunglasses!

From the runway to the street, neon colours are blazing a trail across the world and burning up retinas everywhere! .

While gathering items to merchandise the Fall/Winter Swarovski Innovations pre-launch neon pearls, I discovered that beadFX is full of neon coloured items.

How do you wear or use these colours?

In beadwork, you have a lot of options. You can go all in and use all neon colours like Dwyn's eye searing inspiration bracelet Summer Party. You could also use them with a grounding colour such as black or white.

I'm working on another Double Duty Spiral bracelet (Bead&Button, August issue, page 26) by my friend and fellow beadaholic, Ellen Tihane. I've switched the 6/0 core bead to a 4mm 5328 Xilion bicone in Sun AB2X. I'm using 3mm Swarovski pearls in the neon pink. For the front and back, I've picked 8/0 neon orange lined crystal and matte cherry red ab. It is a delight to stitch up as I love the harmonious colour way.

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