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Thursday, May 10, 2012

New This Week

Pearls of Unusual Size

27758110043001 Swarovski Elements Pearl - 14 mm Round Pearl (5811) - Cream Pearl (5)The Dread Pirate Roberts would have approved of these - for these are Pearls of Unusual Size. And if these don't make you feel like a Princess Bride - I don't know what will!
We could guess that these came from Oysters of Unusual Size, but, in fact - they are Swarovski pearls - so they only came from Packages of Unusual Size. This week - we are adding 14 mm pearls to the pearl line up. These are the statement pearls - the pearls for making the big and chunky jewelry that comes into fashion, but some of us never stop wearing. Check out all the colours!

s32645 Button -  Startled Owl - Metallic Gold (1)You've heard the one about "why is an incompetent archer like an owl who is not getting enough fibre?" Well - one shoots but can't hit ... this rather startled looking Owl is a button - wouldn't he make a neat toggle clasp? Attach him to one end of the bracelet - then make a s32646 Button -  Turtle - Iridescent Blue (1)loop for the other side with seedbeads on your beading thread. Made sure that the loop actually goes over your startled owl before securing and finishing! 

If the owl doesn't make you howl, how about a turtle button? I could wax poetic about turtles ... Turtle Wax, get it? Oh, never mind. 

s32648 Chain -  Victorian Moderne Chain - Matte Black (Foot)I'll stop trying to chain you down with bad puns (your choice of black, copper or gold plated.)

s32693 Glass Flowers - 12 x 8 mm Trumpet Lily - Matte Kermit (1)
s32684 Glass Flowers - 7 mm Four Petal Cup Flower - Antiqued Sage (25)Instead - I invite you to take a stroll in the garden - the garden of s32694 Glass Flowers - 12 x 8 mm Trumpet Lily - Bright Mustard Yellow (1)glass. Maybe pick some Antiqued Sage flowers? You could make a feast for the eyes - add some Bright Yellow Mustard to spice up some Matte Kermit frog's legs. 

I tried frog's legs once - there isn't enough Sage and Mustard in the world to make them edible, IMHO. I'd need a lot of s32695 Glass Flowers - 12 x 8 mm Trumpet Lily - Cotton Candy (1)Cotton Candy and Juiced Mango to compensate! s32700 Glass Flowers - 12 x 8 mm Trumpet Lily - Juiced Mango (1)

Check out all the pretty flowers here, before we get some more Arctic Snow! s32703 Glass Flowers - 12 x 8 mm Trumpet Lily - Arctic Snow (1)

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