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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We're starting June off with one of our most popular classes! On Saturday, June 2nd join Lyndsey as she shows you how to make this fabulous wrap bracelet.

Course Outline
In this class you will learn how to make a single wrap leather ladder bracelet with a button closure. You will be using 6mm stone beads or Czech firepolish. You may also choose to use 4mm Miyuki cubes. By learning this technique, you will be able to make multiple wrap bracelets of any length using several types and sizes of beads.
Skill Level: Beginner
Focus Technique: Ladder stitch

June is chock full of awesome classes. Be sure to check out the full class schedule to see the months offerings. With the humidity  of the last few days - I can think of nothing better to do then spend a few hours in beady, air-conditioned bliss!

Monday June 4th - Start off a three week course in wire wrapping with Robert Burton.

Course Outline
In this class you will learn how to make a Bracelet, Ring, two Pendants and Earrings (time permitting). You will learn basic wire techniques, wire wrapping and forming (sculpting). You will also learn the properties of the wire and the proper wire to use for different projects.

Tuesday June 5th - Discover Lampworking with Becky Greenall

Course Outline
Have you thought about taking a lampworking class but you're not sure if fire and glass is your thing? Come give it a try for 2 hours and see if it sparks your interest!. This class is perfect for those who love lampwork beads and would like to experience first hand what goes into making lampwork beads. This class is also great for those trying to determine if a formal introductory lampworking class is something you would enjoy.
Please note: This class is not intended as a training course. In order to rent studio time, a full introductory course is nessesary.
Skill Level: Total beginner with a curiosity about lampworking.

Wednesday June 6th - Fun with Wire - Rae Huggins

Course Outline:Let's play with wire and have fun!!! In this class you"ll learn:
  • How to make wire beads
  • Horizontal Wire Wrapping
  • Coiling around a bead
  • A Caged Bead
There will be opportunities to make wrapped loops too (one of the fundamentals of wire work) and a spiral headpin. There is no kit fee - you can just go into your stash. There is a $5.00 instruction fee.
Skill Level: Beginner to all levels

Friday June 8th - From Russia with Love - Pamela Kearns

Course Outline:
Learn all about the St. Petersburg Chain! Great for creating earrings, bracelets and necklaces, this deceptively easy stitch but one that can be embellished in oh so many ways. Participants will learn how to make earrings and a bracelet using the stitch.
Technique: St. Petersburg Chain
Level: Beginner

Saturday June 9th - Hot Connections with Iris Melamed

Course Outline:
In this class you will learn how to solder circles of heavy gauge silver wire and transform them into earrings and stacking rings. 

We will begin with an overview of soldering tools, materials and techniques. Then we will fuel and fire up our butane torches and learn how to solder jump rings. Next we will discover how to create earrings and stacking rings by forming and soldering larger circles. Some metalwork finishing techniques will be discussed. Time permitting, one set of earrings and three rings will be completed.
Technique Focus: Soldering silver wire
Skill Level: Beginner

Sunday June 10th - Snake & Phoenix Knot Cords - Angela Peace

Course Outline
This course will introduce you to the traditional art of Chinese cord making.
Learn to tie a snake knot, a phoenix knot, and a double connection knot. These knots can be tied to create unique colour coordinated cords for pendants, focals or beads.
How to incorporate these techniques into your jewelry designs, and accessories, will also be discussed.

Have a look at our full class schedule on our classes page!   To sign up, please call 416.701.1373, or toll free 1.877.473.2323

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