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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Resources for new projects

The Internet can be a great tool for finding ideas and new projects.  One of my favorite resources is the Metal Clay Academy.  I was peeking at it the other day and came across their beginners projects page.

Wow what a selection!  There is a wide variety of awesome projects!  The ideas and creativity are impressive.  Here are just two if the as a sample but be sure to check out the link above.

 One of the many projects includes of them is this woven paper clay project by Margaret Schindel.  It  caught my eye as I have paper clay that I have yet to weave. I love the illustrations provided.  Add another project to the list of fun things to do!

Also there was this lava bead project by Lesley Messam, originally posted on the Metal Clay Guru site, another great resource.  I bought a bunch of Lava beads on sale.  I haven't done much with them but I have prefired a bunch and have plans to attempt adding base metal clay to them...not sure if this will work but if I ever get around to it I will let you know. 

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