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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Down Memory Lane

Did you know that we've been making at least one new inspiration a week - every week, for at least the last few years? I'm not sure exactly when we started, but I'm thinking that we've been posting new designs regularly for at least the last 5 years. Dwyn can chime in here - maybe she remembers!

I thought I'd highlight some of our favourites from the past. Some you may need to get a little creative with the components, as they may be out of stock - clasps, and beads can be easily switched out for something similar!  Be sure to check out these, and many more on our Inspiration Pages

Ruby Butterfly - Dwyn

This intense ruby butterfly is inspired by vintage Czech-made jewelry from the 50's. It features a wonderful Vintage Swarovski Rhinestone and Vintaj components and findings.

 Tucson Sun - Dwyn

Artemis - Jen

Persian Queen - Rosemary

Vintage Garden - Jen

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