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Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Come on Baby Light my Fire

Fire. Yes, BeadFX fires metal clay.  If you want to get your metal clay kiln-fired, you can bring it to the store to have it fired.  We don't fire all metal clays but here is a brief list of what we do and the cost:

  • Silver metal clay  - $10 - this cost is for firing and tumbling
  • Metal Clay Adventures  Fast Fire Bronze - $10 - includes firing and tumbling
  • Art Clay Copper - $15 - firing, pickling and tumbling
  • Hadar's Clay - $15 - pre-firing and firing (no tumbling) - Not all Hadar clays are being fired at this time.  Currently the only firing sequence we are doing is the two step firing for the MID FIRING Schedule (which is for: Quick Fire Bronze or a Combination of Quick Fire Bronze, Copper and small amounts of Steel)  Refer to Hadar Jacobson's blog for detail or link to her updated firing schedule May 2012 .  Please do your research when combining these clay and bringing them in for firing.
What we aren't firing:
  • At this time we are not firing Hadar's White Bronze, or Steel (on its own) and  for that matter any clay requiring the Low Fire Schedule or the High Fire Schedule (we will update you if this changes).
  • We are not firing any of the original Metal Clay Adventures BronzeClay or CopperClay due to the long firing process and inconsistent results.

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