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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Filligree Earings

My wisteria\, which I planted after my second son was born eight and half years ago, is a beautiful monster taking over my back yard. It has wound itself around a metal pole in the back and is extending its magnificent viny tentacles everywhere and this weekend it has exploded into bloom!!! Happy Mother's day!

OK that was an aside to explain the first picture.  I attempted to use the vine in my photographs of the earrings I finished today.  Needless to say, I would not recommend this as it detracts from your focal point.  (Secretly, I wanted this so you didn't notice that I syringe work isn't not my strength :)).

 A couple of weeks ago while I was instructing my Level One Certification class I decided to complete one of the syringe projects outlined in the course.  Details on the project can be found in the Art Clay Silver Basis Book (cover photographed above). 

I completed a series of circles with a lab created Sapphire in the middle. Photos of the project in its clay form are here.    I will admit that perfect syringe will never be my forte but  I am still happy with the results.  I thought they reminded me of grapes, my hubby said they reminded him of watch gears???  To each his own. 

If you are lookin for ways to improve your syringe skills here are a few tips:
  • practise using toothpaste.  Yes fill an empty syringe with toothpaste and practice your control.
  • Check out the Art Clay World handout on Mastering the Syringe
  • You can use syringe pusher, (this can be purchased or homemade). I made my own clay pusher by drilling a large hole in a "Jenga block".


Anonymous said...

What is a syringe pusher?

Fine Silver Girl said...

Good question. It is an attachment to help with the gripping and pushing of the syringe. Here is a link to a picture: H.