Thursday, January 19, 2012

News for this Week!

The move is ON!

As of yesterday morning - the move is started! Well - actually - Monday night was the first stuff to go in - when I personally hand-carried the kilns over to the new facility - as I didn't want them to go on the truck and get kicked around. 

We are sooooo excited. Nervous - that we haven't forgotten some huge show-stopping item - and exhausted. Woowhee - this is hard labour. Do you have any idea how much a shop full of glass beads weighs? I mean - a tiny little bead - doesn't weigh anything, does it? Apparently - boxes full of 'em do! 

So - nothing new this week in terms of product - and the store is closed until next Monday (Jan 23) - so not much else to tell you - except - where we are moving to! 

We've been keeping it a secret (not keeping it very well - I might add) - so as to not have folks showing up there early - which you know is gonna happen! 

However - we're close enough now, sooooo, (drum roll please) - the new location is:

19 Waterman Ave., Unit 2,
Toronto, On,
M4B 1Y2,
just a few km west of where we are now. 

Currently - the sign is not up yet - NEWS FLASH - We have a sign! - it doesn't have the lights in it yet - but we have a sign! We are next door to Mama Earth Organics, and across from the Toronto Police fleet maintenance yard - so what ever you do - don't speed or drive through a stop sign because there are police cars everywhere! They may be off-shift - but no point in looking for trouble!

(click on map for a larger version) 

I usually come in off Bermondsey or Northline - depending on the direction, but I'm sure you will figure it out - to find your way to the sparkly pot of shiny-shiny at the end of the rainbow! 

Or, if you'd like Google maps to give you directions, click here and then you can type in your location. (If you put the address in Google maps - it takes you next door, no biggie, but annoying and I'll email Google and get it fixed.)

Coming by TTC? - go here for the TTC trip planner, enter 19 Waterman as the destination. 91 C or F seems to be the bus you want. 

So hang in there, only a few more days until we open our doors again! Can't promise that Monday won't be a bit chaotic - but, hey - what's a little chaos between friends?

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