Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Masters Registry

Photo of piece by Level II Master Registry Artist Michela Verani

The Masters Registry is a self directed program for metal clay artists this is not affiliated with a specific metal clay brand. It is not a course and does not provide instruction but allows one to have their creations evaluated by experts and provides five levels of recognition if an acceptable passing grade is achieved.

Apparently the concept for the program began in 2004 as a result of confusion related to the numerous brand specific certification program available, a detailed history is provided on the Master Registry site.

It should be noted that the program contains no instruction but expects the artist to pursue education and training on their own.

The program is obviously not for anyone. Personally, I have enrolled for several reasons: \

  1. To provide me with challenges to attempt new techniques and push me to try new things.

  2. To provide me with a non brand specific credentials.

  3. Finally, after submitting your pieces you receive professional photographs of each piece submitted!

The program is formatted with five categories and 10 projects in each category. The five categories in the Registry are:

  • A. Construction

  • B. Colour

  • C. Materials

  • D. Metal Clay and other Metals

  • E. Miscellaneous

In each category there are 10 projects guidelines that one must work within. You can refer to detail for each project on the site and upon registering you are provided with a book which outlines all the projects as well. To achieve your level one Masters Registry first level of the registry you are required to submit two pieces from each category, a total of 10 projects to be evaluated. Each level requires 10 pieces to be successfully evaluated but after level one the artist can choose from any category. There is quite a wide range of projects to choose from which all push the artist to challenge and grow.

For more information check it out at the Master Registry's website.

The work that has been created are gorgeous and you can view examples of some of the masters works online.

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