Monday, January 16, 2012

Closed this week for the MOVE!

Well - this is IT! Moving week!

I have just one question - who is puttering around barefoot in the construction dust? Hmmm? And why? Anyway ... .

So - the renovations are almost done - the flooring is in place, the slatwall is installed - after having to send it all back because they delivered a skid of it in grey.

Back on the home front - there are skids and boxes everywhere. We've been working on the packing - but with the store closed - and the truck coming this week - now the real push begins in earnest.

The renovations aren't yet finished - I took these pics Saturday - but they are coming along - so - if they have to finish around us - so be it.

Let me take you on a quick tour!

This will be the showroom! This is the main body of the store - it looks distorted because of the way the photos came together - as I don't have a fish-eye lens - which is what you would need to capture this! On the left - you see the dude back there - the construction guy - well - again - he's not actually that small - that's the distortion again - but you can see - it's a seriously big space.

The construction guys were joking about never working a job before where they needed sunglasses inside. Wait till we get the beads in there - then you will see some serious dazzle!

This is the back office - where the packaging happens, and where all the mysterious back room functions go on to keep this all running smoothly!

This will be the class room - for the techniques classes - not the metal smithing though - which has it's own room - which I didn't include pictures for as it is currently stacked to the ceiling with furniture. 

And this is the future lampworking studio (ok - the metal smithing studio is through that far door).

 It's gonna be awesome - stay tuned for us telling you the actual location.(Because if we tell you now - someone will show up there before we re-open!)

We'll be open in the new location on Monday, Jan 23rd - watch for our Wednesday night update email for the location and map!

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Peapod Beads said...

Good Luck with the move, as long as you put up your new address soon so I can find you next time I visit the Canadian relatives