Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The loot from the bead inspired weekend with the kids

Well, the bead part got left out. Not on purpose mind you, it just happened to take most of Saturday to gather the materials (after swimming lessons, and other Saturday chores). We cleared out the living room, only to fill it again with piles of craft felt, buttons, embroidery floss, and of course piles of beads from Maya's various craft kits.

First, we had to learn how to sew (including me). Thread, needles, tiny seedbeads and I have never mixed that well. The instructions shown in various books, just never make any sense. I can't tie a proper knot to save my life (and on, and on). In the end, I found some excellent video's on youtube which showed me how to do a blanket stitch. I was ok with a regular running stitch (I'm not quite that hopeless), but I haven't yet progressed any further from the running, and the blanket stitch. I'll get there. :-) 

We're hooked though, and this week sometime we hope to progress to actually using bead embroidery to kick these up a bit.  I made the owl, and the hearts. Maya made the monster, and cookies! The owl was made for Isla, my youngest. I was up all night with her as she was sick, and I think I finally finished it around 7:30 am, and probably started it around 3. She immediately attached it to Snuggles who she sleeps with every night. So worth it! :-)

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