Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Back to Business

We are BACK - back to business as (more or less) usual. The new store is open - the showroom is ... dazzling - and it's not even finished yet!
s31410 Chain -  Leafy Charm Chain - Antiqued Copper (1)And so - we are back to bringing you our weekly selection of new yummies!
Check this out! Check out this fabulous new fancy chain that we found when we were in New York last month!
s31412 Chain -  Celestian Stars Charm Chain - Bright Brass (1)Actually - a whole whack of cool chains! We have Leafy, in Copper and Gunmetal, or if the stars aren't out tonight - you can wear your own with this Celestian Star Charm Chain (ok - say THAT three times fast.)
s31414 Chain -  3 in 1 Chain - Nickel (foot)
Or how about this 3 in 1 - three fine chains joined by s31416 Chain -  Foxtail Chain - Antiqued Silver (Inch)a bead every inch or so. Or this Foxtail chain - (note - the grooves on the wire on this chain make it a little rough in your hand.)
Or this Loopy Charm chain (if you love our Sterling Frothy Chain, but need CPR everytime you look at the price - you can s31417 Chain -  Loopy Charm Chain - Nickel (Inch)s31409 Chain - 8 mm Rolo Chain - Matte Brass (Inch)get really excited about the Loopy Charm chain!)
This heavy, matte-finished Rolo Chain is my personal fave of this lot - it has weight, substance, and drama. I'm really looking forward to using this!
s31408 Findings -  Shoe Clip - Silvertone (Pair)
Now HERE'S something you don't see every day - shoe clips.This nifty little finding is sort of like a clip-on earring on steroids. It has a much stronger spring, and teeth for gripping (if you put in on an ear - you would damage yourself!) The idea is that you make your decoration, bow, rhinestone, wired whathaveyou, and clip into onto the front of your shoes. It can be clipped off for casual, swapped to different shoes, and salvaged when you wear the shoes out. You can make your toes twinkle, wear bells on your toes, or even toe the line. ;-)
s31396 Metal Charm/Pendant -  Tree on Farm - Goldtone (1)Other cool stuffs - When Jen was hunting for inspiration for her partridge-in-a-pear-tree earrings - she could have used these! It's a pendant or earring (large, but very light!) - with a pastoral scene of a tree on a farm! Dangle crystals or beads off the 5 loops on the bottom. We have them in goldtone, silvertone, and copper. She's getting all Valentiney - so check out her new inspiration!
s31394 Finding - Hook and Eye Clasp -  Soipently - Silvertone (1)Or, picture this - the Three Stooges. (bear with me). The mean dude asks the third dude to pass him a snake. He reaches into a barrel and pulls one out and says - in the weird squeaky accent with the giggle on the end of every sentence - "Soipently, nyuk nyuk nyuk."
I present, for your enjoyment - the Soipently clasp.
s31398 Metal Bead - Big Hole -  Knitted Pot - Black (1)And if you conclude from that, that I am a basket case (not an altogether invalid conclusion) - you can celebrate that discovery with these knitted basket-like big hole beads! (Just call me the queen of the segue.)
s31403 Findings - Clasps - Magnetic - 15 mm Bayonet - Antique Copper (1)Other assorted goodies, like magnetic bayonet clasps for leather, chain, or ribbon. Or a Bezeled flower - fill with epoxy clay and encrust with rhinestones. Or this key charm - also with a bezel for a stone, or not, s31421 Findings - 50 mm Decorative Key Pendant - Antique Gold (1)if you just want to go with the plain key.
s31473 Magazine - BeadStyle -  2012 - MarchAnd a whole whack of new magazines, so you have lots of ideas for new projects. s31419 Findings - 50 mm Flower Power Pin - Silverplated (1)


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