Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspiration Friday

Welcome to our newest version of Inspiration Friday. We thought we'd made a few changes, namely allowing folks to choose their own inspiration, and the biggie - we give you a lot more time! If you would like to participate in the next one, see the end of this post for complete details.

I love the idea of using an inspiration palette to base your design on. We all tend to stick with our own comfortable colour palettes, and this is just such an easy way to expand your range.

 First up, we have this one from Lyndsey - A last minute one that turns out was well worth it to finish up. She sold it 5 minutes after posting it!

Here was Lyndsey's inspiration source.

Lyndsey McCollam
Jewelry Creations by Lyndsey

Alicia worked from this image from DesignSeeds

Mysticism is brought to you by Alicia Marinache, owner designer at All the Pretty Things, a Burlington, ON shop of hand crafted wearable art and home d├ęcor. Taking her inspiration from nature, Alicia creates unique high-quality jewelry using sterling silver, semi-precious stones, pearls, and crystals. In today’s increasingly busy world, through her one of a kind designs Alicia brings you snapshots of beauty in an oasis of peace and tranquility. Her designs are elegant, versatile, classy and soft – the perfect accent for the modern woman. Read her blog on All the Pretty Things website and shop at her Art Fire store

I hope you enjoyed this months challenge, and I hope to see you (and more!) back next month. If you would like to participate in the next challenge, here are the details:

Deadline February 23rd, 2012

Before the cutoff date, send your pictures to us, and we'll blog your inspiration source, and your finished project.  Feel free at that time to send us along any other info you want to include. We'll publicize your blog or etsy/artfire/etc site as well.

For example, I think I'll make mine from this one:

You can make your jewelry/beadwork out of any materials you wish. This can be stringing, wirework, lampwork, polymer clay - whatever you wish!

(Many of us use Design Seeds as in inspiration source. Feel free to use any inspiration source you wish. Design Seeds just happens to be among my favourites.)

Here's how to submit:

 * Send an email to with a picture of your inspiration source (or a link to the source)
* include an image of your creation
* include any contact information you want us to include in the blog posting

Happy Creating!

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