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Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Happy New Year

Here we are in 2012! Happy New Year. Many of us find ourselves reflecting the changes we wish to make in our lives. I find myself reflecting on what I will do in relation to metal clay. Sailorgirl just published a great description on reviewing your business and goals.

Do you have any new years resolutions for your metal clay, beading or jewelry in general?

For me here are my jewelry related new years resolutions:

  1. I will organize my studio! (I had hoped to get that done last week)

  2. I will pass on that I am not using to make room for new toys!!!

  3. I will keep my studio tidier. Let's face it for me I will never be a neatnik but I can try to be tidier and more organized. I am not ready to give up on this ongoing goal!! :)

  4. I will take a class to learn a new skill. I am not sure what type class yet as I have a long list of classes i.e. lampworking, enamelling, seed beading, polymer clay....the list goes on and on but if I can take at least one that will make me happy.

  5. I will develop at least one new class (yes, it is about time, I have many on the list...rings, structures...)

  6. I will learn to create with bronze clay and perfect the other base metal clays I have been dabbling in.

  7. I will start to plan and build the metal clay chess set my hubby has been asking for (this will take a long time and a lot of clay but will be will be more affordable with base metal clays).

  8. I will continue to encourage my son in his creations. This past year my 8 year old began making acorns out of copper, he was so proud of them and wants to make more.

  9. I will work on and complete my level One Master Registry projects. (Masters Registry is an independent program for metal clay artist...I will fill you in on this next week).

  10. I will create something FABULOUS!!!! (I am almost always creating things I love or at least like but when I say fabulous what I mean is something the really makes my heart sing, that challenges me and makes me smile with pride).

What are your metal clay or jewelry new years resolutions?

Have a happy, fun filled 2012!!!!

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