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Monday, November 21, 2011

Wrist Candy

I am sooo in love with the epoxy clay - it's hard not to just go berserk and cover everything with it, and a thick layer of rhinestones!

This week - this delightful little piece of wrist candy is a bezel bracelet (link to supplies at the end of the post), some Apoxie Clay, some Rivolies, and some metalFX metallic powder.

When I first got into collecting jewelry - collectors used to comment on "upsidedown" stones - stones that had apparently been mounted upsidedown in their mountings - but they still looked awesome. The speculation was that someone was really innovative during the assembly of these pieces, or just really tired!  It became apparent, as the discussions went on, that these stone were designed to be used this way - and have a pointed top - instead of the flattened table that we tend to think of in a stone.

Now, I know that these stones are called "Rivolis" - but a rhinestone by any other name is still as awesome!

This bracelet alternates Jet AB and Crystal AB. I used Black Apoxie Clay  - not that you can tell under the heavy layer of metalFX. Use a small piece of clay - as the stone displaces quite a lot of clay when you push it in.

The process is simple - mix up a batch of clay, then put a piece about the size of  large pea into the bezel and flatten it to cover the entire base of the bezel. Push the rivoli in, and the clay should ooze up around the stone. If there is too much clay, trim off with a paring knife or similar.

After you have done all the stones, dump metalFX on it to cover the exposed clay and press onto the clay. Let harden over night.

Bingo! I defy you not to be dazzled!

s30565 Findings - 18 mm Round Bezel Multi Link Bracelet - Silver plated (1)
s11293 Swarovski Vintage Rhinestones - 16 mm Rivoli Cut Pointed Back Foiled Rhinestone - Emerald (1)Findings - 18 mm Round Bezel Multi Link Bracelet - Silver plated (1) Use the 18 mm bezel bracelets.

Swarovski  Rhinestones - Rivoli Cut  Rhinestone  I used the 14 mm stones - although we do have some vintage 16 mm stones that would probably work too - with less, if any, clay left showing around them.

s28776 MetalFX -  Metallic/Mica Powder - Moonlight Silver (1 gram)88819003 Two Part Epoxy Clay -  Apoxie Sculpt - Black (Pack)   Two Part Epoxy Clay - Apoxie Sculpt - Black (Pack)

MetalFX - Metallic/Mica Powder - Moonlight Silver (1 gram) I was trying to get as close as possible to the colour of the silver metal. This colour worked pretty well.

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