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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Business Chat - Just the FAQs please

Mark this down on your calendars people, Friday November 25, 2011. This is Black Friday, the official kick-off to the holiday buying season and combined with Cyber Monday, November 28 this is the busiest weekend for online sales in the year. Are you ready to take advantage of this?

When shopping online all a customer has to go on are the photos of an item and the copy. This is a tough thing when you make work that is tactile and personal. Shopping for a book is very different than shopping for a wearable item, customers will have some questions and doubts. It’s a great idea if you can answer their questions before they’ve even asked them. Customers really feel at ease and are more likely to buy when they know you’ve anticipated their needs.

A really great idea is to have a FAQ – frequently asked questions section on your website or online store. If you’re not selling online writing out a FAQ is still a great idea, this way when someone asks one of these questions you’ll already know the answer.

A good FAQ should address the questions that you find yourself answering over and over again. The questions can be about your service, your product, your materials, your process, your story, your pricing, your shipping, or your advice about which sailboat to buy. (Remember I am Sailorgirl, and really, I actually get asked this all the time.)

Here are 8 suggested questions you answer in your FAQ:

1.    How do you make your work?

2.    Can I get a different size?

3.    Do you do custom work?

4.    How can I pay?

5.    How do you ship?

6.    What is your return policy?

7.    What is your guarantee?

8.    How do I care for my purchase?

Now, write these out and post them on your website. Post them in your online store. Make them into a blog post. Post them on Facebook. Tweet them (one at a time). Add a link to the post to your newsletter.

You’ve answered your customers’ questions, now let them know about this.

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Alicia said...

Thank you! I was just thinking I need to create one - and your post will just give a well-needed 'kick' :)