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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay: Holiday ideas

The Santa Claus Parade is today in Toronto and Friday evening, I has a work party for my other employment...Holidays are fast approaching!!!! It is time to start thinking about the holidays. I will be sharing a simple tutorial on making a holiday themed item in the next couple of weeks but I decided to see what might be out there to inspire us.

When I started out in metal clay, one of the first books I read was The Art of Metal Clay by Sheri Habb. In this book is a great silver clay Christmas tree, I can't find a picture of it but it is a fun metal clay tree with a variety of colourful cubic zirconias adorning the tree.

In my search to find a possible picture of this tree, I came across Sheri Habb's website which has lots of fun stuff. One of the holiday themed items she has is a tutorial to make a Santa Bottlecap Pin. (not metal clay but fun holiday themed project and you can modify depending on what you want to celebrate).

The other thing I loved from Sherri's website which is completely off topic is a Duct Tape PURSE!!! Pretty fun. I might have to make one.....

In another search I found that Bead and Button offers a tutorial on how to make a great Christmas tree by Cindy Pankopf. This appears to be a great design, which conserves clay...a good thing when it comes to silver clay and budgets these days. Here is a photo of the project:

Christmas tree by Cindy Pankopf: From

Also in my search I found some sources for metal clay holiday themed tools:

Metal Clay Supply in the States offers a QuikArt Stencil of a snowman and a stocking.

I get most of my cookie cutters from here in Ontario from Shades of Clay - they have a great selection of cutters.

Remember you can always make your own template. Just draw your design in card stock and cut it out.

Enjoy your week!

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