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Thursday, November 10, 2011

And more unatainable treasures.

At least for most of us. Marg sent on this link last night. I warn you, this is a serious time suck, but well worth it! A new article on estate jewelry has just been posted on The Hairpin.

Particularly interesting is this circa 1700 example of 'memento mori' jewellery, which was intended to remind the wearer of his or her mortality. Memento mori translates to "remember you must die"

A much more contemporary piece by Joel Arthur Rosenthal (JAR). It's up for auction next week at Sotheby's if you're wealthy enough ;-)

 I must remember to put The Hairpin on my permanent reading list. Always fascinating!  See, I told you this was a time waster. The blog post has been ready to 'post' for over 30 minutes now, but I was too busy drooling over the catalogue.

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