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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Create for the Cure

Happy update day! Stay tuned at midnight tonight for our weekly update.

While I don't normally post our latest inspirations on the blog, since they're already on the site anyway - but this one is quite lovely, and the cause is worth an additional mention.  Find out more about all of the various "create for the cure" events.

by: Rae Huggins

Cancer touches most of us in some way or another. Through it all, we cannot give up the hope that one day, we will understand and conquer this condition.

With this in mind I designed a “Create for the Cure” bracelet. There are many "Create for the Cure" events, and perhaps you'd like to make this bracelet for one of them, or maybe as a gift for a friend - to let them know you are thinking about them.

This bracelet is a fun, fast, and easy to make and it’s a wonderful way to practice wrapped loops and opening and closing jump rings.

Link the large jumprings (Open 5 and link through 6 more) six of the same size. Then came the fun wrapping loops part – this was only done fifteen times!
On a 2” Headpin, put
a Round Silvertone bead.
a 5 mm Hex. Rondelle
a 12mm Rose Quartz Coin
another 5mm Rondelle
and a Sw 3mm Rd. Rosaline Pearl. Instead of the pearl, you can add another 2.5mm Round bead.
End by making a wrapped loop. Make 15 of these.

Open 25 x 7 mm jump rings and insert one into each of the 15 dangles from the previous step, and each of the 14 mm Cobblestone Hang Washers.
This part of the assembly is yours – it’s your chance to "create for the cure." Add the dangles and washers to the linked large jumprings - in random order. (For instance, I added a washer to ten of the large jump rings. For 7 of the big rings, I added a dangle on either side of the washer. For others, just one.
Use a jumpring to add the Awareness ribbon.
And, use jumprings to attach the clasp. I did a little mini-chainmail thing with multiple jumprings.

7. Open 4 7mm jump rings, insert to into the teardrop part of the toggle and close. The other two were inserted into the previously closed jump rings and the 1st ring of the link.

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