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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ring a ding bling

With last week's update, we rolled out two awesome, awesome new ring findings!

s30992 Findings - Size 6 Straight Channel Ring - Silver Plated (1) and s30996 Findings - Size 6 Flared Channel Ring - Silver Plated (1) I am totally in love with these - they are so easy to use.

To make your own:

  1. Glove up, and mix up a small amount of either the Apoxie clay or the Crystal clay (see end of post for links) - about the size of a lima bean, 
  2. and press it into the channel and smooth with your fingers. I used black clay.
  3. Then press in your rhinestones - I used stones from our Vintage Rhinestones. 
  4. If the surface of the clay is not smooth enough for your liking, dip a cotton swab or tiny paintbrush in water, (yes - plain water!) and smooth out the rough area (maybe a fingerprint or a join in the clay). Don't leave a film of clay-y water on the stones, however, as it will dry and dull them. 
  5. Once you have the stones positioned and the clay smooth, dump some of the metalFX onto piece of paper, and dunk the clay into the metalFX. Roll it and dip it until the clay is completely covered (the stones will be covered too - but don't worry about that - it will only stick permanently to the clay) - then smooth the metalFX in with your finger (no glove required.) (I used Moonlight Silver for both.)
  6. Leave the ring overnight to harden, and go wash the glitter off before you embarrass yourself by getting it on everything. (The paper sheet allows you to pour the unused metalFX back into the container.) 
  7. Next day - when the clay has hardened, you can use soap and water and a soft nail brush to gently scrub the excess metalFX off the top of the stones. And here are the results!

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Louise Snell said...

Wow I am loving these :)