Monday, August 03, 2009

Wiring a pendant - Beadcaps

Last week - I talked about wring up a bead for a pendant, and I discussed using spacer beads to complement the bead and the decorative headpin.

However, a nice beadcap is another handsome design element to combine with a large focal bead and a headpin. You really do have to ensure that the headpin is quite long, as beadcaps take even more room than a spacer or two!

Just to show you, here is a basic, decorative headpin.

And this is with a daisy spacer and a star spacer,

And this is with the bead cap.

At the top, again, to keep the look balanced, a bead cap and a pair of daisy spacers.

As with last week, make a Wrapped Loop to finish.

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