Friday, August 07, 2009

Some Fusing projects

As promised - finally. :-)

Here are just a few little ideas to get your rolling with fine silver fusing - remember, the possibilities are endless with a little creativity.

One note about the projects below. My tubmler is at the shop, and I made these at home - so they're not all bright and shiny. This is how your silver will look straight out of the flame.

Also, I'm having one of those days - i've got my camera, my charger, and the memory card - but I forgot the tripod connector. I'm heading back home to gte it, but in the meantime here are some pics from my phone - better pics later today!

First up, some fine silver stacking rings. You can make these as just a plain band, hammered into submission, or embellish them with bits of wire balls.

What I did:

I made three fine silver jump rings - big enough to wear on my fingers. I then cut tiny bits of wire, and layed them down butted up against each ring. I cut 4 to 5 bits of wire for each ring, and spaced them out - some evenly, some not so much.

Using your torch, heat up the whole ring to glowing, then aim your torch at the little bits of wire. These will ball up, and fuse onto the ring. Voila - an embellished ring! Make 2 more, and once cool hammer then into shape, and hammer the 'balls' a bit to make sure you don't have any sharp edges. I find these rings look better if they're not 'perfect. If the shape is off somewhat, it gives them more movement.

Next up, barbells. These are made the exact same way as a headpin, except you also ball up the other side. These can now be used for all sorts of dangly bits for your jewelry projects. They make fabulous earrings, or dangles for pendants - see some examples below.

Now, I really want to see what everyone else has been making - show your stuff!

Also, here's a little preview of a copper inspiration going up later today/tonight - as soon as I get my camera/disorganization issues worked out :-)

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dragonjools said...

I think you are just too close to focus w your phone. Back up a little - then crop the picture to get it tight. Most phones these days take pics w enough data to allow you to crop and still have a decent size.