Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kate McKinnon - Soul Clearing Sale

Our good friend Kate McKinnon is having a soul clearing sale. What's a soul clearing sale you ask?

Scooped from Kates wonderful blog

"I’m cleaning house in every way here, getting ready to spread out on three huge tables; movie, book-movie, book-movie, two months.

In preparation for this BINGE I am cleaning my house top to bottom; digitally, emotionally, personally, stuff-wise. I am doing everything I committed to doing; I will not be saying yes to anything else for a really long time. I’m identifying every single thing I do need, which are few, and every single thing I don’t need or can share, which are many.

I am long on determination, and by God this place (my life, my mind, my land, my obligations) is going to be ship-shape by the end of the year. Will you help me? Your good will is worth a great deal; I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that basic kindness.

If, in addition, if you can give me a link and a little bit of buzz next week when I put up my huge, massive, giveaway-sellaway Soul Clearing Sale, or even find something in there that you love and want, I’ll be so pleased, and every person who participates will receive a gift, from me, to thank you."

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dragonjools said...

It must be in the air - I've been thinking about doing something similar myself!