Wednesday, August 05, 2009


A new love...really. I just discovered crafty pod. Can't get enough of crafty talk? your co-workers and friends are bored to tears with endless talk of your various crafty passions. I hear ya, and I'm fortunate to work with 12 other similarly afflicted friends...sometimes it's still not quite enough.

Craftypod has been around for a few years now...why didn't I know about this? I'm now looking forward to catching up on over 100 episodes! Craftypod is the brainchild of Sister Diane, aka Diane Gilleland. She blogs, writes zines, and creates podcasts on her favourite subjects - crafts. You'll find interviews, and guest bloggers, and just about everything else related to crafts. Her website is - you can also find the podcasts on youtube - search for craftypod

Fire up those ipods, mp3 players, or just take a listen on your computer - and become as addicted as I am.

A little bit more on last weeks posts - I do have more fusing info for you. I got a bit distracted this weekend with a last minute trip to Great Wolf Lodge with the girls. I didn't get a chance to finish up - but hey - when a great deal presents itself - especially there. You've got to seize it :-) I would also love to see pics of your fusing projects. If you have anything to share, please feel free to send it to - and we'll post it on the blog for Friday.

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