Sunday, May 01, 2016

InspirationFX: Marshmallow

by: Erin Singleton
A warm breeze blows through the rushes. The sun glints off ripples in the water as a dragonfly darts overhead. Dream of warmer days with the airy necklace.

Initially inspired by Aleksandra Lysenko's Shadows of Flowers, these beaded beads stitch up quickly and can add texture to almost any project.

To create the beaded bead, begin by cutting a length of fireline around 2 feet in length. Now string the following sequence of beads 6/0, ripple, 6/0, 6/0, ripple, 6/0, 6/0, ripple, 6/0, 6/0, ripple, 6/0 and centre on your fireline. Form a circle by passing your fireline back through the first three beads. The ripples should now be in the shape of a cross with their tips just touching.

Repeat this bead pattern twice more by stringing a 6/0, ripple, 6/0 on one of your strands and a 6/0, ripple, 6/0,6/0, ripple, 6/0 on the other. Passing the initial strand through the final three beads on the opposite strand recreating a cross.

Now to make the magic! String a 6/0, ripple, 6/0 on either strand and pass your fireline through the initial trio of beads. Pull to tighten beads into a floral ball. I have reinforced my flowers by passing the remaining fireline through the beads a few more times, knotting the fireline and securing with a drop of Super New Glue.

The beauty of these beaded beads is that they can easily be strung in a number of different directions. For this necklace, the beaded beads are strung by passing the leather from the centre of one cross of ripples through to the opposing side. To keep the beads from sliding, I have then passed the leather back through another cross of ripples at a 90 degree angle. Stringing through in the second direction can be snug, so you may want to give the leather a little push with the tip of a needle.

Two additional beaded beads have been strung on either side and can be moved around for your desired spacing. A yellow bronze leaf is dangled from a chain of brass jumprings to add a little movement.
Ends have been secured using leather end crimps and a few dabs of Super New Glue. Brass jumprings are used to secure the end crimps to the Dragonfly Hook & Eye Clasp.



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