Thursday, May 05, 2016

What is this Finding?

s49020 Finding -  V Frame - Bright Brass
What is this finding? And, more to the point - what will you do with it?
When we were in Tucson at the beginning of the year - we had a meeting with a vendor who was showing us their new items for the year. They had a pendant that I picked up and looked at, and immediately wanted to change! Typical me.

s49021 Finding -  V Frame - Bright SilverThis is the result. A rather dainty, but large, V shaped frame - with holes down the sides, and 3 little cups on one side of the front. What my vision was when I handled it - was that it would be a frame - weaving from one side to the other with wire or beading line - stringing beads, or beadweaving in some freeform peyote stitch, or maybe using 3 or more of them strung side by side to make a portion of a circle, filled in with beaded elements ... oh - the possibilities! We have them in Bright Brass and Bright Silver. I'm afraid I don't have a more exotic name than V frame - but I'm busy being dazzled by the possibilities! And we're all excited here about what we can do with them!

s49023 Findings - Toggle Clasp - 13 strand Multi-Strand Toggle - Bright Silver
Also - if multiple holes give you great design ideas - 13 of them! You can bead right onto the clasp, and the ring as well - building up your beadweaving right onto the clasp! How freakin' awesome is that! Also in Bright Silver and Bright Brass.

s49026 Findings - 2 mm Round Leather -  Multi-Strand Hook and Eye Clasp - Bright Brass (Set)
And, in the theme of more is MORE - because we have never been fans of "less is more" - this multi-strand clasp takes 2 mm cord - so any of the 2 mm leather cords. You can crimp it, or glue, and the design is such that you could skip strands and use it as a 3 strand without it looking weird. It too, comes in Bright Brass and Bright Silver.

And then we have these new turtleback findings - for holding fancy rhinestones, cabochons, and even beads! The deep domed shape of the setting means you can even s49036 Findings - Stone Mount - ID 12 mm Turtleback Pendant/Charm - Bright Silverput a round bead in it and it sits in nicely!
s49031 Findings - Stone Mount - ID 8 mm Turtleback Link - Bright BrassFor instance - this ID 12 (inside diameter) charm holds not only the 12 mm rivolis beautifully, but also the 12 mm stone coin beads! Can you say earrings? I knew you could! (You can use the prongs and bend them to hold the stone or bead in place, or glue it.) We have them in Bright Silver, Bright Brass, and 8 mm ID (takes the ss 39 rhinestones), 12 mm ID, and 10 mm ID square.

s48970 Metal Charm/Pendant - 33 mm Roman Coin - Maximian - Antiqued BrassAnd for those of you fond of the Bohemian look - with old- or vintage-looking elements - check out these reproduction Roman Coins! These are cast from actual coins! Those of us who are fans of "Time Team" are excited by these things - what can I say. Call us #archeologynerds.

s49011 Metal Link -  Curly V - Antiqued BrassThere is plenty of other cool stuff this week - like these links, or these links, or this Centre of the Universe mount s49008 Metal Link/Charm -  Apple Vine - Antiqued Silver(quick mother's day gift?)s49017 Findings - Stone Mount - ID 8 mm Centre of the Universe - Antiqued Silver

So check out all the new items here or click on a link or image above! Go forth and create and be happy!

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