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Thursday, April 28, 2016

We will Rock you

s48833 Stone Cabochon - 30 x 40 mm Oval Cabochon - Labradorite
We will rock you - rock your world - rock you like a hurricane!
Oh we have the rocks and stones to make your heart beat faster.
s48834 Stone Cabochon - 6 x 8 mm Oval Cabochon - TurquoiseHow about this Labradorite Cabochon? AAA grade Labradorite, in stunning 30 x 40 mm cabochons. Each stone is a masterpiece, as it shimmers, schillers, and scintillates. In fact, I might be so bold as to say, it is not only AAA grade, it is effing-Eh grade.

If you need a smaller spot of colour - and if you are going smaller - you could always use more, right? - How about these 6 x 8 mm Turquoise cabochons. Actual Turquoise. (Also, 5 mm rounds.)

s48828 Stone Cabochon -  Flame Cabochon - Black Agate (Pair)
s48827 Stone Cabochon -  Flame Cabochon - TigerEye (Pair)How about these? A matched, opposite pair of Black Agate cabochons, carved into an abstract flame shape. Or swirl. Or bird head. Or a stylized fox with a curled tail. Or wisps of smoke. Depending on which way up you orient them.

Or, if you prefer, in Tigereye.

s48826 Stone Cabochon -  Flame Cabochon - Red Agate
Or red agate - these are singles in one direction only.

Talk about unique! The design appears reminiscent of Maori traditional designs to me.

Anyway - we are super pleased to have found these and be able to offer them to you!

s48831 Stone Cabochon -  Carved Dragon Round Cabochon - Turquoise (Imitation)
And speaking of carved - we have this carved imitation turquoise dragon. The conversation with the elderly, wizened Asian woman selling it (I know that's a stereotype, but she was, really) went something like this:
s48830 Stone Cabochon -  Carved Cloud Dragon Rectangle Cabochon - Red (Coloured) QuartzMe: "What is this?"
Her: "Imitation Turquoise."
Me: "Yes, what is it imitated with?"
Her: "Imitation Turquoise. Very nice dragon."
Me: "It's very pretty - what is it made of?"
Her: "Imitation Turquoise"
Me: "But what is the turquoise imitated with? Is it stone or howlite or what."
s48832 Stone Cabochon -  Carved 3 Horse Heads - Picture JasperHer: "Oh! Don't know. Ask my son. He's not here."

So there you have it - we're not sure what the stone is.

We do know what this is, however - Picture Jasper - and carved with three wild horses - each one is unique with the pattern of the stone. How awesome is that?

s48940 Stone - Medium Inlay Rectangle Pendant - Red Creek Jasper / OnyxAnd if you love the multi-coloured earthy jaspers - we have a s48986 Stone Pendant - OOAK - 65 mm Sheild - Red Creek Jasperwealth of wondeful items! Like more of these unique Red Creek Jasper Inlay pendants.

Or these one of a kind Red Creek Jasper Shield shapes.

s48868 Stone Beads - 8 x 10 mm Tumbled Nugget - Polychrome Jasper (strand)
And for even more colour to go with that - Polychrome Jasper - another multi-coloured Jasper with a more brick and sage palette.

s39688 Stone Pendant - 45 mm Gogo Donuts - Rose QuartzAnd what is any collection of stones without stone donut pendants? Completely lacking, that's what. We have Gogo Donuts, and the new s48947 Stone - 40 mm Lucky Wheel Donut Pendant - Sunset DumortieriteLucky Wheel donuts, a smaller, chunkier donut.

Check out these Polish Flint ones, aren't they awesome? I love this stone!
s48954 Stone - approx 35 mm Lucky Wheel Donut Pendant - Polish Flint

Check out all the new Cabochons and Pendants!

And Rock on!

Check out all the new items here or click on a link or image above! Go forth and create and be happy!

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