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InspirationFX: Pip The Magic Dragon: Bracelet!

Pip The Magic Dragon: Bracelet! 

by: Anne Marie Desaulniers

Have you ever closed your eyes, and wished to be in another place? A place where faeries and dragons still exist, and all is right with the world? Dragons breathe fire in this magical place, their scales are painted teal and lime, and when their breath touches the earth, beads and flowers grow. Faeries are free to flit about, chores are non-existent, and dragons spend most of their time relaxing.

This bracelet is a continuation of my "Pip, Pip, Hooray" Pendent and Earrings set that was posted in April. Even Count Peyote forms the base, and the edges are embellished with my leftover Pip beads (if you've already made the pendant/earrings, you will have more than enough Pip's for embellishment).


If you are familiar with even count peyote stitch, this is quite an easy project. If you have never attempted this stitch, you may need to ask a friend, Google "Even Count Peyote Stitch", watch a You-Tube video, or familiarize yourself with the instructions in a book or magazine.

* Cut a comfortable length of Fireline (I like to use one arms length, at minimum).
* Thread your needle.
* Add a stop bead to the end.
* String enough cube beads to circle your wrist lengthwise (I used 42 beads).
* Start your second row, by adding a bead, and then skipping a bead, until you reach the last cube.
* Start your next row, and continue the process until you have a total of five rows. You need to end up with a total of five beads on each end of the bracelet.
* When you need to add more Fireline, simply weave it through the beads (up and down, 3-4 rows) making sure that you cross the threads several times. Tie off the ends with a surgeon's knot and trim close to the knot (a Thread Burner really helps!).
* You will end up with a bracelet with even ends, and a rather jagged edge, along the length. One cube up, then one cube down, and both sides should match.
* Embellish your edges, using the colour sequence of your choice (I started with the darkest blue, ended the sequence with the lightest green, and then repeated as necessary)! To embellish, I used one size 15 seed bead/one Pip/one size 15 seed bead, for each edge cube bead. Needle through these beads a second time, to reinforce the embellishment. You may need to change to a finer needle. Those 15's are tiny!
* I embellished all the 'down' cubes on the first side, and then went back and embellished all the 'up' cubes.
* When you've finished embellishing, repeat the process on the other side.
* Now you're ready to add the three-hole tube clasp!
* Position your needle so that it's coming up through the second cube bead, on one end.
* Add two size 11 seed beads/three size 11 Delicas/two size 11 seed beads. (Note: I started with just the seed beads, but I found the fit a little tight, so decided to add the Delicas for colour, and movement. You could use all Delicas if you wish.)
* Needle back through the same bead and come up through the next bead, adding more beads/Delicas.
* Repeat the process for all three holes in the clasp.
* Reinforce your stitching a minimum of two more times (going through the seeds and cube beads again).
* Tie off the Fireline as noted above (or if you have enough Fireline left, needle/wind your way back through the beads, to the other end.
* Unhook the clasp (if you have not already done so), and repeat the process for the other side (don?t forget to reinforce the seed beads/Delicas).
* Tie off the Fireline as noted above.
* Hook up your clasp. Congratulations, your bracelet is complete!


Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!
Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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