Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pop-Up 25% Seedbead Sale ...

Just a few new things this week - repackaged Ceralun and Red Lightning Agate!

s48998 Epoxy Clay -  Ceralun - Premium Colour - Gold (20 gram pack)The Ceralun - the Swarovski house-brand of 2 part epoxy clay is now in smaller - 20 gram - packages! This means you can get more colours for the same price, store less of it, and have less left overs!

We like the Ceralun because of its rich colours and it's workability. If you are not familiar with 2 part epoxy clay - it is like an adhesive that doesn't run all over the place! You take an equal part of component A and component B - approximately equal - and knead the two pieces together, rolling, stretching and squashing - until the piece is one solid colour. Takes 1-2 minutes. You can then press it into a bezel or onto something, and use it to glue two things together, or embed things in it, like rhinestones. While you are working it - you can use a little water on a cotton swab to smooth the surface and clean up any messy bits as required.

It has an "open time" (that's how long you can continue to work with it before it starts to set up) of about an hour - and needs 24 hours to "cure" (finish setting up completely). After that - it is like a rock, and approximately as durable. It is soft enough to file once cured if you need to - although carving it would take some serious work.

s49207 Stone Beads - 8 mm Round - Red Lightning Agate (strand)The Red Lightning Agate is an old stock agate material from Mexico. It is known for its bright red plumes, with some green and brown, in a milky blue white matrix. It is nice if you want an earthy stone with a bricky-red theme.

65001003 Czech Seedbeads - 10/0 Seedbead - Opaque White (hank)"What about the SALE?" I hear from a chorus of folks in the back! We have a big, fat, one-week sale - 25% off Seedbeads and Shaped Beads! So, all the Czech seeds, all the Japanese seeds, all the new 2 Hole beads - except those selected beads that are already on sale for even more off!

This sale is just one measly week - so don't miss out! (Ends May 25).

So check out all the new items here or click on a link or image above! Go forth and create and be happy!

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