Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Challenge to create!

I had to laugh when I spotted yesterday’s post (be sure to scroll down), because both Cindy Goldrick and I, decided to write about exactly the same subject matter this week. The challenge we both participated in (and I teased you with last week) on Carmi Cimicata’s blog. I probably could have dreamed up something else, but my post was almost finished, all I had left to do was transfer it from Word to blogger, and then add a few photos. Okay, so I’m lazy, but the muse wants, what the muse wants!
Carmi found some almost forgotten components, in the dusty depths of the John Bead warehouse (admittedly, I don’t really know who found them), and decided to put out an Internet call for anyone interested in a challenge. She piqued my interest, so I quickly accepted! Imagine my surprise, when the dusty component turned out to be a lovely rhinestone button blank. As usual I had tons of ideas, but nothing really screamed at me!!! Resin, epoxy clay, and free motion machine embroidery were all considered, but I finally settled on Intuitive Bead Embroidery. As my vision for the piece was simple elegance, what better way to portray this, but in black and silver? There wasn’t enough room for a detailed piece, so I went for texture! I glued silver microbeads onto my substrate, and then added beaded layers, using four different types of size 15 seed beads. Shiny black, matte black, cut shiny black, and finally silver. To put this embroidery in perspective, the circle of substrate I was working on was the size of a sewing machine bobbin (my metal Bernina one, to be exact). Pretty darned small!!!!
When I completed the bead embroidery, I glued it to the button base, using E6000 glue. Then glued a metal pendant converter (BeadFX carries them) to the back, and strung it on a simple sterling chain. The piece may eventually end up as the focal in one of my larger bead embroidery pieces, but for now I’ll just enjoy the simplicity! But if you’re interested in having your “mind blown”, be sure to check out Carmi’s blog to see the results from the other talented participants!!
Like Cindy (and Carmi too, I expect), I’ve always enjoyed a good creative challenge (and also a tight deadline), and have participated in many in the past (including the Toronto Bead Society, “Bag of Beads” challenge). I’ll close this post off by showing you my first art quilt challenge, and then a 4” X 4” Crazy Quilt challenge that I organized. The art quilt is currently hanging in my hallway, and the CQ blocks have been converted into a couple of decorative boxes (one is currently being used to hold my bead embroidery samples). My block is the cream/black one with the little copper tree (free motion, machine embroidered) and accents. The rest were sent to me, from some of my fabulous cyber friends!
The “challenge to create” is one of my strongest creativity cues! Wouldn’t it be interesting to see more challenges of this type in the future? Would you be interested in participating in one of them? If so, I’ll see what I can arrange!

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