Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Wire + beads + paper, oh my!

I’m absolutely delighted to introduce you to the work of Sally Prangley, sculptor, basket maker and totally whimsical artist! I was introduced to Sally’s work, a year or so ago on Facebook (I'd give you a link, but Blogger is being cranky today), and I’ve been following her with ever lovin' delight, ever since. Her art has clean lines, uses simple, colourful and inexpensive material, and is a definite treat to the eyes!
I’ll borrow some of Sally’s words by saying that her “Wire Baskets blend traditional basketry and wirework techniques”, and include wire, found objects, paper and beads (although not always in the same piece).“Wire + Paper Sculpture use a range of papers, from vintage French dictionaries to exotic handmade papers”.” Wire Jewelry is made from hand shaped, hammered and/or wrapped wire using cold connections (no glues/solder).
I simply love Sally’s warm, friendly style, and her whimsical approach to art! We share an obvious fondness for paper, beads and recycling! Not to mention the fact that her wirework is spectacular! Would that I could? Oh to spend a rainy day in her Seattle studio, peering over her shoulder, and bugging her to share a few of her techniques (and I would, you know I would!). If only I knew about her when I lived in Vancouver? Perhaps it could have happened way back then…. Sigh!
Again, in her own words, “Favourite wires include bronze, copper, annealed steel, stainless steel, nickel and brass in a range of gauges, along with the occasional spool of vintage telephone wire, weed whacker cord, speaker wire, and reclaimed manufacturing wire.” Brilliant! Vintage telephone wire I understand (it’s so colourful), but who would ever think about using weed whacker cord? I wonder how long it takes to anneal steel wire? Where the heck does she store all that wire (and how?)? What type of cold connections does she use? Just think! No soldering!! An added bonus is that she includes a little bit of history in every piece, via the use of vintage beads and other materials. Recycling at it's finest!
Strong, simple, whimsical, practical, colourful and spectacular! Sally’s baskets cry out to be used, her jewelry to be worn, and the bird and fish sculptures to bring a smile to your face. Isn’t it amazing what she's able to do with a little wire + beads + paper?

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