Thursday, September 17, 2015

Those New Swarovskis have Arrived @ BeadFX

s46060 Swarovski Pearl - 6 mm Round Pearl (5810) - Crystal Scarabaeus Green Pearl (25)And we are shipping them out! In fact - the shipping department iss46048 Swarovski Bead - 4 mm Faceted Xilion Bicone (5328) - Crystal Scarabaeus Green (36) hogging them and I haven't been able to replace the "Artist's Impression" photos with real photos for more than just a few of them. But the ones I did get to handle ... wowsers. I love this Scarabaeus Green Pearl. It absolutely looks like those electric green beetles.

On these bicones, the colour is not such a pure green - with blues and purples as well - and the base crystal colour looks almost like a pure neutral grey. Can't tell if that is s46082 Swarovski Pendant - 6 mm Xilion Rivoli Drops (6428) - Crystal Scarabaeus Green (1)it's actual colour or just a reflection from the back of the coating.

These Rivoli Drops have a purer colour - the green shading to aqua - without the purple notes. Can you imagine an entire dress covered in these, like dragon scales. I still haven't gotten an eyeful of the Light Chrome yet.

If YOU would like to get an eyeful - or even a handful - of these babies for your very-own-self - then why not slide on by the store this coming Sunday (Sep 20, 3 p.m.-ish) and see them in person, along with Live Demos presented by a Swarovski representative.
We will be hosting the official Swarovski Launch Party here at BeadFX on Sunday - there will be coffee, demos, door-prizes, all open to the public.

In addition - we will be hosting the traditional Swarovski invitation-only presentation - featuring the inside scoop on the design philosophy and the trends that Swarovski is currently setting. A little birdie tells me that there might even be room for one or two more in this exclusive presentation, if you want to fire a quick email to (by 5 pm Friday) and see if she can squeeze you in. First come, first served though!

HTL0194 Miyuki -  Half Tila - Opaque SilverHowever - that isn't this week's new stuff! The new stuff this week are 56 new colours of Half-Tilas! That has more than doubled the selection! (Ooops - that means we now have more half-Tilas than full Tilas! HTL0251 Miyuki -  Half Tila - Light Amber ABI guess we'd better do something about that!) So if you were looking for more colours here for your bead weaving projects, here you go!

As ever - the new items can be viewed here, or click on a link or image and hop directly to that item! Cheers!

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