Sunday, September 06, 2015

InspirationFX: Charmed by Bubblegum & Lollipops

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Charmed by Bubblegum & Lollipops
by: Pam Kearns

What drove this necklace was the colour! It is a fun colour and I decided to play up the fun aspect with lots of bright colour beads.
I lengthened the lucite chain by adding the large 20mm jumprings and complemented them with the very large lobster clasp - nothing small and dainty here!

The majority of them are attached to the necklace using wrapped loops of the 20gauge wire. Make sure that the loops are large enough to hook onto the lucite chain before completing the wrap. To attach the luna soft cabs/rivoli pendants, I used the 9mm jump rings which fit the lucite perfectly. For the fire-polished beads, I used strung five on a wire and bent the wire into a circle and connected it together.

These colours worked very well for a summer necklace, but you can make it your own and choose a Fall colour and add beads of your own choosing that would match your favourite outfits.
No two necklaces will be the same!



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