Sunday, September 13, 2015

InspirationFX: Pointed Pastel

Pointed Pastel
by: Rochelle Kilmer

A necklace suited for all seasons!
The subdued pastel colours of the donuts demanded attention.Pairing with the daggers and gold metal beads made the colours pop without being too overwhelming. I also wanted a bit of structure to the focal part of the necklace so I used wire as the stringing material, allowing it to hold the curvature of my neck.
If you aren’t into soft pastels, there are lots and lots of colour options in the donuts and daggers! Just have fun and play!

1)     Cut 8 – 10 inches of 22 gauge wire and make a wrapped loop on one end.
2)     String on your pattern of daggers and gumdrops,using the 3mm metal beads as spacers.
3)     Finish it with a wrapped loop and adjust your curve as you wish.
4)     Cut two – 8 inch pieces of softflex.
5)     Crimp one end and string on your pattern of donuts and daggers, using 2mm metal beads as spacers this time. Finish with another crimped end.
6)     Repeat step 5 with your second piece of softflex.
7)     Attach the clasp and the focal piece to each softflex segment using split rings.



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