Sunday, September 20, 2015

InspirationFX: The Last Stitch of Summer

The Last Stitch of Summer
by: Malliga Nathan

It may be the final week of summer, but you don't have to change over your wardrobe just yet! The sun is shining and it is a balmy 25ยบ so celebrate with this fun and vibrant bracelet. Quick to assemble and light on your wrist, you do not want to miss out on the last burst of sun!!
1. Start by cutting two 7 to 8 inch pieces of chain, making sure they are the exact same length. I found deciding on the length to be tricky. I cut 6.75 inches of chain and with the clasp it turned out to be just under 7 inches. The chain shortens as you bind it to the polyester cord. You may want to start out with the chains a bit longer and cut them down if they are too long. If it turns out a bit too short you can always add an extra jumpring or two when attaching the clasp.
2. Cut the polyester cord to a length that is a bit longer than you want it. You can always trim it down but you can't grow it back!
Then using the beading thread, bind one end of each of the smaller cords to either side of the polyester cord. Wrap the thread about 5 or 6 times very tightly so as to compress it and tie it off a few times. Trim the thread and also the end of the cords if needed.
3. Put a few drops of super new glue into an end cap and insert the bound end of the cords quickly, before the glue starts to get sticky.
If you're not comfortable using super glue feel free to try any glue that sticks to both fabric and metal. I chose super glue so that it would soak through all of the layers of cord.
4. Lay the two pieces of chain on either side of the cords. Wrap the thinner cords alternately through the links of the chain. You can do this any way you like, really. I did this one cord at a time.
5. When you reach the end, bind the cord tightly with beading thread, trim and glue into the end cap.
6. Use jumprings to attach to the clasp and enjoy!
This design would also be great in other seasonal colours!

Strong beading thread about 3 feet. I used 8 lb fireline but nm or c-lon thread will do.



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