Sunday, September 27, 2015

InspirationFX: Peacock Scarabaeus

Peacock Scarabaeus
by: Lee Metsalo

When this series of Swarovskis arrived, we were comparing them to all
sorts of things: aurora borealis, beetles, and peacocks made the list.
When I saw the ring base, I saw peacock tails - as they move in the
sunlight, the blues and greens shimmer and move. As you wear this ring,
the crystal sparkle in various shades of blue and green - pretty!

I got different opinions of which glue is best for flatbacks, so I'm
going to try a few projects with different glues. For this, I used an
aging tube of E6000, put a blob on a piece of paper, and dabbed small
drops into place on the ring base with a toothpick. I then used the
Crystal Katana to position the flatbacks and push them into place. From
this, I learned that when working with flatbacks, elderly E6000 that has
gone slightly tacky and solid is not the adhesive for this type of
project - needs to be fresh and more liquid. And I learned the Crystal
Katana is an excellent tool for this type of thing! Makes placing tiny
things on tiny drops of glue much easier than fumbling with tiny things
and big fingers! Now you can do your bracelet, and your phone, and your



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