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Sunday, August 30, 2015

InspirationFX: Double Headed Serpent Belt

Get your creative juices flowing

Double Headed Serpent Belt
by: Rochelle Kilmer

While scrolling through Facebook one day, there was a postabout this beautiful Aztec sculpture from the 15th/16thcentury.
This Double Headed Serpent became the inspiration behind mybelt.
I used the gorgeous, turquoise scaled Regaliz leather forthe body of my serpent and Swarovski rivoli end caps for my heads. Before gluingon the end caps, I strung two charm holders onto the leather and attached a jumpringto the loop on each; this is where I connect the spring ring clasp for myclosure.
The leather is a little bit hard to handle, just go with theleathers natural curve and it will create a bit of cross over under the clasp(as seen in the pictures below).
And your belt is done!! Wonderfully paired with that littleblack dress for any occasion!



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