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Sunday, August 16, 2015

InspirationFX: Tied Up In Knots

Get your creative juices flowing

Tied Up In Knots
by: Pam Kearns

Yes, I combine peyote with just about everything!

To start, cut two 12" pieces of the polyester cord and tie them together using a reef or square knot and even out the ends. (see photo under separate cover). As the knot tends to come undone, I used a drop or two of the fabric glue where the cords cross themselves. Let dry.

In the meantime I did four strips of even-count flat peyote - two strips in each of the two colours. The size of each strip is 12 columns x 26 rows (13 beads on each side). I zipped up the peyote strips around the cords (see photo under separate cover). To help keep the peyote strips in place, I tacked the two pieces together after zipping them up.

Determine the size of the bracelet by measuring from the centre of the knot. In my case, I measured 3 1/2" from the centre and trimmed the cords.

Slip the headpins into the end caps and glue an end cap onto each cord end. I did find the Super Glue worked okay but it did loosen the fabric on the outside of the cords so you need to work quickly. You can use E6000 as an alternative. Allow to dry.

Once the end caps are in place, create a wrapped loop with the headpins and attach the clasp using the jumprings.

That's it!



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