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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Quadra Tiles!

Look out - its the low profile quad-copter beads! Well - no - it's Quadra Tiles - another multi-hole shaped s45991 Shaped Beads - 6 mm Czechmates Quadra Tiles - Blue Irisbead for your beading delight! This is a low profile (that part is true), s45981 Shaped Beads - 6 mm Czechmates Quadra Tiles - Matte Metallic Bronze Copperfairly thin square bead that you can use to link and stabilize your multi-shape-bead-creations. 19 new colours, and, I'm sure, more on the way.

More colours in Pips too - Pastel Pips and Matte Pips. More of the soft, pretty colours that we are 27800960-75 Shaped Glass - 5 x 7 mm Pip Beads - Silk Matte Cyclamen (strand)seeing in the rest of the shaped beads, so you can work in the same colour palette all the 27800960-71 Shaped Glass - 5 x 7 mm Pip Beads - Silk Matte Peach (strand)way.
I'm keeping it short and sweet this week, as we are gearing up for some new sparklies. You want to keep an eye on this space for Sep 1 when we will be rolling out ... well - no, if I told you, they'd have to shoot me. Just make a big shiny X on the calendar for September 1 ...

We're still doing some consolidating and re-org'ing in the store, so we have some deep, deep discounts on some stuff that we'd like to move out to make room for other goodies, (like so don't forget to stock up on these, as they are going for rock-bottom prices! Click on an image or link, or see all the new stuff in right here. Cheers!

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