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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Business Chat - 21 things to bring to a craft show that you didn’t know you needed

What is the most important thing in your craft show booth? 


And as your best sales tool for success it’s necessary to look after yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up in making sure we have all our display and product that we forget about us. 
  1. sunblock
  2. lots and lots of water (I bring 3L per day)
  3. snacks
    1. don’t get hangry! Sometimes food isn’t readily available or you’re just too busy to go and get some. (or there is only crap food available). 
  4. lip balm. 
  5. comfortable shoes
    1. this is not the time for those super cute but not super comfortable sandals. You will be standing for 10 hours. 
  6. layers of clothes. 
    1. outdoor weather is fickle, and sometimes indoors is no better. If you are cold you will hunch your shoulders and shiver. This is not inviting body language. you need to be comfortable. Bring a sweater, a jacket, a tank top (in case it gets hot), leggings (can go under a skirt). Whatever you could possibly need. 
  7. camera
    1. always take a photo of your display to go over later. I also snap photos of anything that catches my fancy like other peoples displays. I also use my camera phone to update my social media on the fly. 
  8. duct tape
    1. hey, did you know that duct tape now comes in a variety of colours as well as transparent? 
  9. double sided tape
    1. always tape tablecloths to your tables, it stops them from slipping around and keeps your display tidy
  10. a hand mirror 
    1. even if you have mirrors on your walls, there will be people who are too short or too tall, or in a wheel chair. Hand mirrors are also a really great distraction for whiny children to play with, giving their mothers a few moments to shop. 
  11. lots of change
    1. work out your prices with tax included. Figure out what your most popular price is and how much change you’ll need. Most of my earrings are $35, with tax $39.55, I bring a LOT of quarters and dimes. 
  12. notebook
    1. all those brilliant ideas that flit through your brain, write them down. And if you have a bit of downtime, rather than checking out your phone (bad show behaviour), why not brainstorm a bit?
  13. an office toolkit
    1. scissors, stapler, glue, bulldog clips, pens, envelopes
  14. a decent toolkit.
    1. no not for your work. A hammer, pliers, utility knife, screwdriver set, s-hooks, cable ties, all the fun stuff. 
  15. garbage bag or bin
    1. keep your world clean
  16. wet wipes. 
  17. hand sanitizer
  18. alcohol and cotton swabs if you make jewelry
    1. no matter how many times you tell people not to try on the earrings, someone will not listen.
  19. paper towels (and windex if you have mirrors)
  20. a duster or lint roller
  21. baggies and tupperware. 

OK, now you’ll be in excellent shape, now you can concentrate on rocking your sales. 

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