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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ripples, 6/0 Tohos, and a few custom mixes

Sorry folks - I've been as sick as the proverbial dog for the last two weeks - and can barely conjure up the wherewithall to sit at my computer, much less write something witty and enchanting. Thank your lucky stars for online shopping and not having to be exposed to this! (I haven't even been into the store - don't want to risk making the gals in the store sick.)

27800957-44s8 Shaped Glass - 12 mm Ripple Beads - Pearl Pastel Baby Pink (strand)So let's keep it short and sweet and I'll try not to make too many cough-syrup-induced mistakes.

First up - more Ripple Beads. Though you might think there is a lot of duplication here - honestly - the colours are different. We added a bunch of the "pastel" 27800957-65s8 Shaped Glass - 12 mm Ripple Beads - Silk Matte Yellow (strand)colours - which is a slightly pearly, ceylon-like finish, and the silk matte colours - which are remarkably like candies in appearance. C'mon - tell me that is NOT the exact colour of candy chicks - aka "peeps." And for those of you waffling about whether or not to get 27800957-s45883 Shaped Glass - 12 mm Ripple Beads - Green Pirate Mix (18)some of these - we put together 27800957-s45887 Shaped Glass - 12 mm Ripple Beads - Sports Car Mix (18)some mixes - so you can try more than one colour.

s45976 BeadFX Bead Mix -  Czech Glass Mix - DwynSpeaking of mixes - a few more of our luscious hand-made custom mixes. This one, Dwyn's Pick, is my fave - filled with ivories and blue and turquoise and picasso finish - all the ones I like. I swear - I made this long before I got sick.
s45977 BeadFX Bead Mix -  Czech Glass Mix - More Purple (Pack)The More Purple is a good one too - Purple and gold lustre spikes, daggers and flowers, with "magic" finish seedbeads.
And in the theme of purple, we also haves45974 BeadFX Bead Mix -  Czech Glass Mix - Plums n Peaches (Pack) Plums n Peaches.
And for those fans of the "Magic" double coating - we have a mixed pack of size 6/0 Czech seed beads in Magic Iris, Magic Orchid, Magic s45975 BeadFX Bead Mix -  Czech Glass Mix - Must be Magic (Pack)Blueberry, and more.
s45074 BeadFX Bead Mix -  Czech Glass and Firepolish Mix - Snow Business (Pack)And, in utter defiance of the weather - Snow Business, which has a snowy polar heart so large, that we had to package these in bags instead of tubes.

tb6r0206 Japanese Seedbeads - 6/0 Toho Seedbeads - Gold Lustered Hydrangeatb6r0085 Japanese Seedbeads - 6/0 Toho Seedbeads - Metallic Iris PurpleAnd lastly for this week - if you are jonesing for more colours of Toho 6/0s, we have 25 new colours, from Gold Lustred Hydrangea to Metallic Iris Purple.

OK - that's it for this week. We're doing some consolidating and re-org'ing in the store, so we have some deep, deep discounts on some stuff that we'd like to move out to make room for other goodies, so don't forget to stock up on these, as they are going for rock-bottom prices! Click on an image or link, or see all the new stuff in right here. Cheers!
(I have to go lie down now. I think I just coughed up a lung.)

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