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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why take a jewellery class?

Let me count the reasons. I have at least 10. Perhaps you can add to them in the comments below!

1. When you learn something new you expand, grow and get in touch with your child-self and creative self. It's in there, believe me! Curiosity is something we have as kids that knowledge and social conformity seem to drain out of most of us as we age and become cautious adults, afraid to experiment in case we fail. Come out and play and reconnect with your inner child. 

2. Following from point one, you get in touch with something you've lost that was fun. You also gain satisfaction from learning a new skill and creating something you can wear proudly and say "Oh yeah, I made this myself on the weekend."

3. Remember when we were kids and told our parents we were bored? Yes, well, didn't they give us something to do to keep us busy instead? Taking a class is the adult equivalent of taking yourself out of your day-to-day life and concerns. It jolts your brain, gets your creativity flowing and gives you an activity to keep you interested (dare I say interesting as well), motivated and happy. It's like taking a mini vacation from your life for a few hours. 

4. This one's a no-brainer: studies have shown that keeping your brain active and stimulated keeps you healthy. What better way to ward off dementia and other illnesses than by engaging in creative learning/play and making something beautiful as well. 

5. Following from the last two points, learning also allows you time to decompress from everyday concerns and it definitely relieves stress. 

6. Taking a class makes you a better person. You set an example for your kids by showing them how important life-long learning is. It makes you a more rounded, more confident person and boosts self esteem too. 

7. You meet new friends who share your interests/passions. 

8. Taking classes makes you a more interesting person to be around. Learning changes you on so many levels that as you grow and develop your friends old and new will love hearing what you've learned. You can share and mentor too!

9. Learning gives you permission to make mistakes in a controlled setting. This way you get to problem-solve and you also find out how mistakes can lead to innovation. Talk about feeling good about youself!

10. If you go into a class with an open mind and excitement, you will increase your creativity and alter the way you view your every day world outside the classroom. Take your new-found confidence and problem-solving skills out into the world and watch yourself continue to grow. 


And what do I get as a teacher? I saw this on Kim St. Jean's Facebook page this morning. Come on out to a class and inspire me and my colleagues!

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