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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Seriously Cool JoolTool

s42504 Tools -  JoolTool - Polishing KitThis is one seriously cool tool.

The JoolTool is a polishing and grinding machine - not so revolutionary by itself. But it has two very important features that really set it apart.

The first is the ease and speed of changing the grinding disks, polishing wheels, etc. Seconds - literally. Watch the video below if you don't believe me!

The tapered spindle is the key - the disks just spin on and spin off. I personally have a different brand of multi-function grinding/polishing machine, and let me tell you - it takes 15 minutes, a crow-bar, and much cursing to change the wheel. It's so bad that I just don't change it anymore. The wheel that is on it now is on to stay. With the JoolTool, each type of grit, polishing grit, etc., has its own backpad, so you change them out as you move from one grit size to the next - no contamination - but it's EASY. And FAST!

And the second fabulous feature is the design of the disk. With the cut-out sections of the disk  - when it spins - the disk becomes "transparent" - and you can see through it to the item you are polishing, grinding, etc. So you can see your progress. So you don't have to stop and check all the time - have I gone too far? Is it done yet? Am I even hitting the right place?

Well, it also has a third fabulous feature. It is quiet. Really quiet. Like, you might walk away to grab something and forget it's on quiet. This is delightful. If you are in an apartment - you won't make your neighbours think that you are weirder than they have already concluded by polishing your silver at 3 a.m. Or if you just hate the noise of screaming machinery. Or prefer to listen to music while you work. Or even have a conversation.

Anyway - this machine is awesome. We have one for use in our metal-smithing studio for the students and artists using that studio, and another in the glass studio, for our flameworkers, for grinding glass (this one has a vacuum attachment for dust control.)

I also got a chance to meet with the inventor at the To Bead True Blue show in Tucson - and I have seldom met a nicer, kinder or more open person - she was just a delight to talk to and really knows her stuff. One of the questions I have been asked is - how long do the disks last? This isn't really a fair question, because the variables are so diverse - type of disk, amount of use, item being polished or ground, etc., etc., but for a rough idea - Tiffany is using these to polish jewelry, and has polished over 50,000 units without changing a disk.  And she gave me a standing invitation to email her any time with any questions you might have if I can't answer them myself!

And we have them for sale here.

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