Monday, February 23, 2015

Pretty Little Things

Isn't it fun when you open a drawer and find something nice you had forgotten about?

We found these in a drawer - Malliga thinks she made them when we were back in our old location! She just put them together with random beads - she "thinks" they might have come from an Auntie Gwen mix, or maybe just - you know - found where ever. I found a bead in the dog's water dish yesterday. Beads all over the place.  We all live in a hoard of pretty, shiny, happy - stuff.

The technique is hard to explain, but easy to do - because it's so free form and you just really make it up as you go along. There is a base of heavier wire, and the beads are wired on after with a lightweight wire. Just lots of wrapping and twisting and pulling tight. 


Connie MacDonald said...

Yes they are very pretty but what are they?

jann said...

Possible to get the instructions please?

dragonjools said...

They are bracelets. ;-)

As for instructions - I'll see what I can do.