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Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Long Time Ago — Farfalle away ... at BeadFX

s43721 Czech Seedbeads - 3 x 6 mm Etched Farfalle - Crystal Silver Etched (10 grams)In a galaxy farfalle away - there lived a powerful clan of mighty warriors. They doggedly patrolled all the borders, and so they were known as the Kollie Warriors. But then, they all got depressed, and were very sad, s43728 Czech Glass - 6 mm Melon Cut Round - Etched Aluminum AB (strand 25)and they became known as the Melon-Kollie Warriors - and in their memory - we have - Melon-Cut beads.

Actually - these melon cut beads have vertical ridges in them like a pumpkin or other similar melon or gourd. This has long been a traditional shape for fine gemstone beads - think Cartier - but they are fun like this too. These particular Melon beads sport a similar etched and aged appearance to the Etched Farfalle - giving them something of a Buried Treasure aspect.

s43737 Czech Glass -  Rocailles and Tubes - Time Team (strand)And speaking of Buried Treasure - or Un-buried Treasure - we have more in our un-buried treasure collection - our aged and simulated trade-bead collection. The fun and look of archeological treasures s43640 Czech Glass - 1/0 3-Cut Rocailles - Neptunes Hoard (strand)without the dirt, blistering sun, aching back and ancestral guilt. 100% ghost free. Select from the Time Team mix, Toasted Nut, Mossy Frog, or Neptune's Hoard.

On a polish it up note - we've also added some new polishing kits to our Jool Tool page - these kits are customized with everything you need for specific tasks!

I.e. our enamel polishing kit is tailored to help you put a smooth, highly polished, glassy finish on your finished enamel project, bringing all the wires down to the same level, and polishing them and the s43742 Tools -  JoolTool - Labidary / Hard Stone Polishing Kitenamel to a high, glowing mirror finish! The soft stone polishing kit can take you from rough to high polish for soft stones such as turquoise, opal, and some quartz. And the lapidary hard stone kit will handle the hard stones such as agate, quartz, sapphire and corundum.

I had an opportunity to chat with the inventor of the Jool Tool when we were Tucson - and she was just delightful. A very warm and genuine person who invented a tool that solves the frustrations of your standard polishing and grinding tool. The Jool Tool is quiet, features easy to change grinding disks, and, due to the clever design, you can actually see the surface of your work as you are grinding or polishing.

A74509811 Design Tools -  Beadalon Tying Station -  (1)nd speaking of tools - by popular demand - the Beadalon Tying station - for holding your Shamballa bracelets and wrap bracelets while you tie them!

On sale this week - Swarovski Bicones! From petite 3 mm to full-bodied 10 mm - bicones are the like building blocks of inspirationation! 30% off - Just 2 weeks - on sale until Mar 4!

Click on a link or an image to go directly to the items, or review all the new items here! Enjoy!

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