Sunday, February 15, 2015

InspirationFX: Burgundy for Burgundy


Get your creative juices flowing

Burgundy for Burgundy

by: Lee Metsalo

If you wear glasses to help you read the wine list, you can have your own design of eyeglass holder to hang your glasses around your neck to keep them close.  Who needs their glasses falling in their wine?
If you can make a necklace, you can make an eyeglass holder.  This strand can be as subtle or out there as you choose.  And you don’t have to choose, make many! 
There are a few considerations when designing your eyeglass holder:
·         An eyeglass holder is a necklace turned upside down – the focus is with the ends at the front. (A design board helps with this – turn it upside down so that the curve of the U is away from you - that part is now the back of your neck).
·         The pieces that sit at the back of your neck will most likely need to be smooth, so you don’t have big textured beads sitting along your spine.
·         Size and weight of beads are considerations – while you are wearing your glasses, you don’t want the beads at the front being a visual distraction.  Nor do you want them so heavy they weigh down on your face and give you a headache.
·         Length is a very personal preference – some people wear their strand short, so their glasses don’t swing around a lot while not being worn, and smack into something.  Others prefer them long.  Your body size will also affect this – a petite 95 pound person will not wear the same length as a large adult male. 
·         If you want added strength, you can even finish the ends with two crimps and covers, side by each.
·         The rubber bits wear out, just like all rubber bits everywhere.  Make it easy to replace those ends by ending with a jump ring as done here.

Tools used: flush cutters, flat pliers, bead stopper, crimp pliers, design board.



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