Monday, February 02, 2015

A splash of colour

You know how you find a thing, and you're obsessed with that thing, and you're finding ways to use that thing, on everything?

My latest obsession is "alcohol inks." Yep - I'm applying that stuff to everything!

Thought I would try some on some Sterling charms in earrings. I was hoping for a pretty, bright splash of colour, and counting on the bright finish of the sterling to shine through the transparent ink.

Et voila!

 I stamped the ink onto these adorable dog paw charms and let it dry, and then sprayed them with an acrylic sealer. They are waterproof when dry, but a solvent like alcohol will remove the ink, so I used the sealer/fixative to prevent that. 

Un-inked vs inked.

I'm quite happy with how they turned out! I've experimented with other metals too, all with good success! I'm quite impressed with how the alcohol inks effectively colour metals - as most dyes, paints, etc., will not stick to metal.

The alcohol inks are the Adirondack Inks - I get them from Shades of Clay (scroll down the page.) I used Sailboat blue and a green that I don't remember. Possibly Botanical.

The dog paw charms are here: Charm/Pendant - Dog Paw Prints - Sterling Silver (1)
s43452 Charm/Pendant -  Dog Paw Prints - Sterling Silver (1)


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Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Cute!! Isn't a new addiction, wonderful?