Sunday, February 22, 2015

InspirationFX: Treasures From the Sand


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Treasures From the Sand

by: Lee Metsalo

These desert-coloured Kazuri-style beads called out to the Unburied Treasures part of the store, they all met in the middle, added some copper wire, and  this is the result of their meeting.  
This is a basic wire sculpture project – if you’re not sure what your squiggle will look like, take some scrap wire pieces and do a few samples, no plan, just use your pliers and squiggle away.  When you have your basic shape for your squiggle, take enough wire for however much sculpture you are going to do, and do the sculpting bit with both wires at the same time.  

1.       Cut two pieces of wire about 6” long (if in doubt, more is better), and straighten them with your nylon-jaw pliers if need be.  Make your wire squiggle in the middle third of the wire, both at the same time, side by each.  If you want mirror images of your squiggle, you need to then identify which will be the left earring, and which will be the right.

2.       Place the squiggle on the ceramic bead, hold down with your thumb, and bend the wire 90 degrees.  Put the bottom wire up into the ceramic bead, fold the squiggle flat against the bead, so the bottom wire comes up through the ceramic bead.

3.       Take the top third of your wire above the squiggle, and wrap it around the bottom wire sticking out of the top of the ceramic bead, trim off any excess.

4.       Add your treasure beads.  In this case, I didn’t add more wire design at the top, I just left enough to form a loop for the earwires.  Trim the wire, make your loop, add your earwires and your treasure earrings are done!

Tools used: nylon jaw pliers, roundnose pliers, flat pliers, cutters.



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